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BENDING We are professionals about

About Us

We provide technology for "bending processes".
We not only manufacture bending machines, but also propose minimizing process and cost reduction, and designs. We promise to provide our customers with advice and support for the optimal factory automation plans and production systems.


Our company provides support with prototypes, research and development, Bending Die's and peripheral equipment for all secondary deformation of processed products, including materials with atypical cross sections.

  • ◆ Design, production and prototypes for Bending Die's and cold bending machines for moldings, bumper beams and door frames
  • ◆ Development of bending methods that can be applied not only to stainless steel, aluminum and iron, but also to High Tensile Strength Steel , demand for which has been growing in recent years
  • ◆ Proposal of labor savings and cost reductions for multi-process bending


We contribute to our customers' manufacturing activity by developing and proposal of the optimal bending processes, using the technology and know-how we have accumulated over 30 years.
We respond to our customers' product prototype and trial development request to use our (in-house) large and medium-sized stretch bending machines.


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Our Company

Our Philosophy Don’t waste even the tiniest creation.

  • Company nameTOEI MACHINERY CO., LTD.
  • PresidentTakahiro Yokoyama
  • FoundationFeb.1984
  • EstablishmentSept.1986
  • Address23 Nishinakata, Chiaki-cho, Oyama, Ichinomiya-shi, Aichi 491-0814
  • PhoneTEL:+81-586-81-0305 FAX:+81-586-81-0306
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